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Watch The Radar For Signs Of Rotation

This year, the weather has been especially volatile. It has caused lots of damage and even taken the lives of some people this year. Tornados have been the culprit of much of the death and destruction throughout the country. Because of this phenomenon, it is important to identify the cause of these storms, which are normally severe storms that begin to have rotation.
The meteorologists on television are always talking about rotation. When a thunderstorm begins to form a hook type pattern, there is a Read the rest of this entry »

It’s A Twister In The Distance!

If you see a tornado in the distance or if you hear sirens in the distance or hear on the TV or radio that you are in a tornado warning, you need to get to a safe place. That will depend on what type of structure you live in.

If you live in a home or apartment complex that has a basement, cellar or designated tornado shelter, that’s where you need to go. The best place to be during a twister is below ground or in a reinforced shelter.

If you have Read the rest of this entry »

Gather The Toys And The Furniture From Outside

Families should prepare for emergencies on a routine basis. You should keep an emergency kit inside your home in case you need it. Emergency supplies should contain at least a minimum of three days of food and water for each person in the home. Emergencies can result from weather, government or financial crisis. It is best to have enough food to last each member of the family for one year. You will need a place to store this food so it won’t go bad. Store foods that last a long time Read the rest of this entry »

When The Tornado Comes, Close The Windows

Tornadoes are powerful storms that can completely destroy a home. Weather experts used to tell you to open your windows if you are under a tornado watch. That advice has changed to closing the windows. If your area is under a tornado watch, you should keep the radio or television on so you can hear weather updates. If your sirens go off, you should prepare to get into your storm shelter. If you don’t have a storm shelter, you should go to the lowest floor of your home. Get inside Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Wait For The End To Seek Religion

Do Not Wait For The End To Seek Religion When You Can Educate Yourself

Knowing Is Part of The Process of Preparing To Live A Better Life
What is doomsday? Science is well on its way to proving beyond a reasonable doubt that religion is man made. For instance, out of the thousands of religion that have always existed, only one can be right if any at all. Moreover, it is impossible that all religions can be right, so either one or none of them are correct. Read the rest of this entry »

Pack Everything In Your Home And Run

An emergency situation could arise at any time, and unless you’re prepared, you may find yourself at an extreme disadvantage. In order to adequately survive an emergency, you will need to be properly equipped. Ideally, this equipment should be within quick and easy access, plus it should be light and compact enough to tote around easily. Many of the things you need are probably already around your house.

Duct Tape

Duct tape’s reputation as a fix-all isn’t an exaggeration. From marking a path to fixing shoes and clothes, it does it all.I was looking for more information and found it here. Don’t bug out without it.


Nutritious, Motion Detector Sensor, high-energy food is a must in a survival situation. It also has to be portable and reasonably non-perishable. Jerky, nuts, peanut butter, seeds and dried fruit are excellent options.


What isn’t rope good for? Climbing, building shelter and hanging wet clothes to dry can all be achieved with a good rope.

Matches or Lighters

The ability to start a fire can be all that stands between you and utter helplessness. Make sure you pack plenty of matches or lighters, but make sure they can’t get wet. Even better, get a magnesium fire starter since they work when wet.


A good outdoorsman’s knife enables you to procure food and shelter, fashion hunting implements and even defend yourself. Ideally, you should take a whetstone along, too.